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*Note: ALL MY ROADS is an adult, inspirational romance, containing themes and content intended for mature readers. I welcome ANYONE to reach out to me via email or social media with your questions or curiosities. I am happy to give more specific detail as I value both reader sensitivity and open expression of life’s beauties and tragedies.

“You can’t live in emotional jail forever.”


CORTNY JOY is a self-published novelist from small-town central Michigan. Relationships (of all kinds) and romance have fascinated her as long as she can remember. After years of feeling weird, crazy, and ashamed about the poignant sagas constantly swirling in her head, Cortny decided to harness them as a gift instead of deny them as a curse. Through words, she explores and exposes the emotional depths of the human experience—the messy realities we’re all navigating, even if our individual circumstances aren’t identical.

She loves connecting with readers on Instagram and Facebook, and is always on the hunt for her next favorite romance tear-jerker. If she’s not writing, Cortny is probably driving along her cherished dirt roads while jamming to loud music, or savoring time with her beloved family and dogs.

“Sometimes, all we need is someone to acknowledge it sucks…or it’s hard…or we don’t have to rush through our feelings.”


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Catch me sharing all things reading, writing, editing, publishing, small dogs, enneagram, nature, music, relationships, and the mundane moments that distinguish reality from the fiction we love.

As an author of military romance, I proudly support K9s For Warriors’ mission to end veteran suicide and give a new “leash” on life to rescue dogs and military heroes. Click the logo for more information about this incredible agency, or follow THIS LINK to make a financial donation with me.