If only life had a soundtrack…

I was talking on Instagram the other day and mentioned my long-time wish that all of life’s moments could have music…a soundtrack…playing in the background. If there was a job where I got to assign music to every life moment, I’d be ALL OVER IT. So much of my writing inspiration comes from music. My brain works in song. I probably got it from my Grama, who had a hymn to address every life scenario. Hymns aren’t always (or even usually) the music I’m thinking of, but maybe you get my gist. Anyway, a number of people DMed me saying they had similar wishes, so I’m thinking it isn’t just me. What about you? Have you wished this too?

There’s something about the undulations in pitch and rhythm, the fullness of instruments in harmony, that intensify every emotion. It’s as though our feelings are validated when we watch a movie and the music SOUNDS like our insides FEEL. And sometimes, the music tells us WHAT to feel.

I guess this is why I’m an author. I want to create a space to feel everything I desire. I don’t mean the exact scenarios…I mean the internal sensations. Fear, suffering, empathy, compassion, lust, validation, anger, anxious, content, challenged…everything.

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