My life would be more abundant if…

Finish the following sentence and write/ type your thoughts somewhere you can revisit them tomorrow. ⁣

“My life would be more abundant if I wasn’t a slave to…”⁣

Quite the question, ey? If you’re struggling to finish it, let me offer some ideas. ⁣

* Debt⁣
* Anxiety⁣
* Someone else’s schedule ⁣
* Chronic pain⁣
* Fear⁣
* My emotions⁣
* The weather⁣
* Others’ opinion of me⁣
* Dis-ease⁣
* My phone⁣
* The clock ⁣
* Guilt⁣
* The scale⁣
* Anger⁣
* Desire⁣
* My inner critic⁣
* Negativity⁣
* Food⁣
* Routine ⁣
* Sleeplessness ⁣

Which parts of your life are holding you hostage? *Hint: they’re probably the things you’d remark about to others and follow with “but that’s just the way life is,” or “but everyone deals with stuff like this.” That might be true, but it doesn’t mean your reality is illegitimate. ⁣

Take some time. Write them down. Call them out. ⁣

Don’t be scared. Fight the temptation to be cynical. Think. Write. Keep living. ⁣

If you want to share, I’d love to hear in the comments. Especially if saying them aloud would help you claim their reality in your life. ⁣

Some of mine: TIME / someone else’s clock. Fear. My gut. My bank account.

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