My life will be more abundant when…

Ok, pull out that list from yesterday and get ready to write again. (If you missed yesterday’s post, start there, and come back once you’ve made your list.)⁣

Complete the following sentence:⁣

“My life WILL be more abundant WHEN I AM NO LONGER a slave to…”⁣

This sentence is different. It implies action and possibility. Which things from yesterday’s list are within your control? I mean TRULY within your control. ⁣

Take ownership. Be honest with yourself. Even if you don’t know how to control it…even if you don’t think it’s in your control TODAY…which things are possible for you to manage? Which things can you impact, even if slowly?⁣

Write them down. Make another list. If it looks the same as yesterday’s, awesome. If it’s shorter, are you sure you can’t control the things you left off? Positive? (And I’m not saying every single thing is within our control! I’m just asking.)⁣

The more you write these things, the more you claim their existence and the more likely you’ll be to conquer them. ⁣

Do you think God wants you to live in poverty or abundance? I thought poverty for the longest time because “less” and “struggle” always seemed more Christian to me than “more” and “thriving.” Anyone else relate? Somewhere I picked up the belief that life as a Christian should be hard all the time. Like suffering is our lot. Which is absolutely RIDICULOUS because God sent His Son to die a tragic death in order for our lives to be FREE and ABUNDANT and BEAUTIFUL. ⁣

How much more proof do I/we need that He wants us to chase (and hustle for) freedom and joy and more?⁣

If you’re accepting your shackles in the name of Christian bondage, I see you. I was you. But I implore you to consider the God you’re serving. Is He a God who desires a life of richness and generosity for you? Or a life of burnout and scarcity? ⁣

And this isn’t me condemning hard work. But there’s a difference between working and withering, and there is no prize for the latter. None. Much as we glorify being strung out.

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