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When I tell people ALL MY ROADS is a romance novel, I feel smallness and insecurity creep in. My inner critic says, “Why are you writing romance novels when you care so much about mindfulness and healing and inner work? Non-fiction would sound more educated and intellectual.”

I don’t feel small about the actual story I brought to life. I feel small because I assume the world’s perception of a romance novel is smut and drama and two unhealthy people being codependent. And for good reason. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. ⁣

ALL MY ROADS has gone through A LOT of rewriting, revising, tweaking, and expanding. The story I wrote a year ago – the one I let a handful of friends read – is not the same story I’m editing today. (It’s the same novel, but much more intentional and less “drama for the sake of drama.”)⁣

Ken and Stacey’s story was born out of my desire for expanders: people and relationships who model the sort of mindfulness and depth and connection I’ve sought my entire life, AND struggled to find numerous examples of in my day-to-day. Not because I don’t have wonderful family and friends! But because I’ve always been a hungry-for-more-while-loving-the-norm sort of person. And my social circle has historically been quite small. ⁣

Fiction, for me, is a huge source of inspiration and hope and growth and expansion. And as a writer, my characters are real in a way I can’t convey in words. My desire for this novel, and all future novels, is to tell a story of love, family, and friendship that models the rich possibilities of relationships. To unfold the work and beauty of pain and healing. ⁣

ALL MY ROADS is sexy and passionate and detailed…don’t get me wrong. But it’s also spiritual and nuanced and rich. It walks a path I wish I’d known existed when I was younger; one I hope to illuminate for others and myself. More on that to come.

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