The body knows…

In no way is this post written from an “I’ve arrived” mindset. I am in the trenches of this idea and this work, daily grappling with its meaning for my life. So, I’m not here with advice…I’m in this place with you. ⁣

The idea of trusting my body makes me go 😳😳😳. I’ve spent my entire life trying to control it, never trusting it, feeling betrayed by it on regular occasion. But when I stop and think of ALL THE WAYS we are taught to deny what we feel, is it any wonder? ⁣

“Stop crying.”⁣
“You can’t be hungry, you just ate lunch.”⁣
“Feelings aren’t rational.”⁣
“Quiet down.”⁣
“Hurry up.”⁣
“Maybe you should get that checked out.”⁣
“There’s nothing to be angry about.”⁣
“Just ignore it.”⁣
“You’re not busy enough if you have time to notice that.”⁣
“I’m sure it’s nothing.”⁣
“Only married people can have sex.”⁣
“No touching.”⁣
“Eat less.”⁣
“Follow this diet.”⁣
“Take this prescription.”⁣
“Set your alarm.”⁣

The list goes on and on. Don’t even get me STARTED on the ways we are taught to deny our bodies when it comes to sexual pleasure and physical intimacy. ⁣

I mean, geez! There are entire industries devoted to eliminating symptoms and numbing sensations, perpetuating our already regular thoughts of “I shouldn’t feel this way.”⁣

I am so far from where I want to be in terms of trusting my body. (✌🏻 just keeping it real.) But I’m awake to the truth that…⁣

…every butterfly⁣
…every knot in my throat⁣
…every upset stomach⁣
…every heavy eye⁣
…every gut clinch⁣
…every headache⁣
…every tense muscle⁣
…every desire⁣
…every retraction ⁣
…every deep breath⁣
…every collapsing rib⁣
…every racing pulse⁣
…every heart flutter⁣
…every goosebump⁣
…every internal “yippee!” or “hell no”⁣

…they all mean something. ⁣

Our bodies are temples of wisdom, not machines to control. All the years we spend praying for signs and looking for billboards…our bodies already know.

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