Book Review: MATING IN CAPTIVITY by Esther Perel


Book 3 of 2021: MATING IN CAPTIVITY by @estherperelofficial. ⠀

The speed at which we’ll point a finger at others for the same darkness we recognize in ourselves is…well…pretty darn fast. ⠀

A few years ago, I would not have been ready for this book. I would have made faces and rolled my eyes and jutted my chin, calling ‘freak’ at anyone who saw themselves within its pages. ⠀

I would have been too scared to confront the corners of my heart/mind/body others might consider deviant and therefore unlovable. ⠀

There is freedom from that thinking. ⠀

And damn, I wish it for you too. ⠀

If you consider yourself a sexual being AND aren’t afraid to think deeply about the implications of that reality, read this book. I am sooooo late to the Esther Perel game. Many of you are probably like “welcome to the party…finally!” But at least I made it. ⠀

I found this read highly informative and nodded along to the beat of each chapter. The vignettes of so many couples are highly relatable. I wanted to know how all their stories turned out! I dooooo think she leaves out some dynamic relationship components, but that doesn’t deter at all from its power. And I’m sure my impression is experiential. ⠀

Thank you, Meg, for the recommendation! ⠀

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⠀

(PS. Rating non-fiction is so different than fiction.)

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