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Book Review: HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES by Hannah Hurnard


Book 4 of 2021: HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES by Hannah Hurnard (yes, it’s spelled wrong on the Kindle cover).⠀

I had decent hopes for this book, but did NOT expect it to land in so many of my cracks and crevices with such…perfection. It’s the portrayal of God and faith and courage my heart has needed, for maybe my entire life. The Shepherd’s tender affection – physical and verbal – for the main character was majestic and poignant. ⠀

“What is the use of even thinking of going to the High Places? I could never reach them for the least little thing is enough to turn me back?” (p. 13)⠀

“Love was for her, too, even for her, crippled little Much-Afraid.” (p. 17)⠀

The allegory follows Much-Afraid as she desires to live in the High Places, but spends the first part of her life full of fear and self-pity. The Good Shepherd promises to make her crippled feet like hinds’ feet, for her to swiftly climb to High Places, escaping her fearful, small life. AND overcoming her critical inner voice. ⠀

Had it not been for the glowing recommendation of my dear friend, Caiti, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this book. On the surface, it doesn’t check my usual boxes. It’s wordy, kitschy, and…dusty, for lack of a better word. ⠀

BUT, I knew within the first PAGE it was going to shake me up. I could not wait to read it each day, and found myself on the verge of tears many times. ⠀

This story transcends age and gender. That said, I have a feeling women (young to old) would find themselves especially moved. HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES will be one of those books I regularly recommend to friends and family…and families as a whole. It’s the sort of book that’s easy to gush about as you read, and brings to mind so many people I think would savor it. The message is overt, but is widely open to interpretation. I could read it in a year and I know it would land differently. ⠀

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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