Book Review: DAUGHTER OF THE SALT KING by A.S. Thornton


Book 5 of 2021: DAUGHTER OF THE SALT KING by @as_thornton. ⠀

My first FINISHED fantasy novel! And another debut! Gosh, it hit the spot. I feel like I keep saying that, but it’s true. ⠀

In DOTSK, Emel has spent her life at the mercy of her culture WHILE ALSO challenging the status quo and exerting her independence just enough to keep her feeling alive. She’s cunning and daring as well as loyal and compliant…to an extent. ⠀

As she approaches the age at which she must be chosen by a suitor for marriage or be banished from her community, she clings to the hope of a husband. Not because she wants to follow tradition or please her father – the Salt King, but because marriage will be her ticket to the world outside. To her freedom. ⠀

Chaos erupts toward the beginning of the story and Emel’s choice to boldly observe the mess instead of running to safety changes her course completely. Her open-heartedness allows her to experience the magic of tender affection, satisfying adventure, and an opportunity for everything she’s always wanted. ⠀

But there are costs. Steep, painful, gut-wrenching costs. And this is the story of a young woman’s navigation of those choices on her path to self-worth and fulfillment. ⠀

I really enjoyed this book. Emel’s character and the hurdles she faces (both internal and external) were incredibly relatable. There was one chapter…15…where I found myself highlighting every other paragraph. I was like, “WOW, this is such a rich story.”⠀

There’s sensual romance. (It’s an adult book). There’s darkness. There’s ugliness. There’s complicated family dynamics. Conflict, beautiful scenery, hope, friendship, tenderness, pain, hard choices, internal strife, and magic. ⠀

It got me thinking…deeply…which is one thing I desire most from a story. Am I willing to pay the cost of my desires? Where is the line between bravery and foolishness? Am I open to the magic around me?⠀

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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