Book Review: THE DANCE OF DECEPTION by Harriet Lerner


Book 7 of 2021: THE DANCE OF DECEPTION by @harriet_lerner. ⠀

If you watch my stories, you know this book was “eh” for me. Especially coming off THE DANCE OF ANGER. ⠀

Here’s the thing…there were chapters that struck a resounding chord with me (like 😳) and others that fell way flat. Such is the nature of this book, I think. Lots of breadth and not as much depth. And so my average feeling is somewhere in the middle. ⠀

The overall premise of the book holds a lot of promise. I relate to it on a deep level. A DEEP level. That said, I found the delivery a bit disjointed. I wanted each chapter to build on the previous ones, but instead it was like a dozen mini books, each focusing on a different example of deception manifesting itself in our bodies and relationships. ⠀

There were enough WOW moments for me to know this book will stick with me…which is ultimately what I desire. And I have no doubt other women would find their own WOW feelings in chapters that didn’t necessarily land with me. ⠀

One of the biggest things I’m realizing in recent years is how much pretending I (was taught to) associate with being feminine; how much pride I’ve taken in my ability to play certain roles and keep people around me feeling elevated; how much I try to manipulate my body instead of letting it speak truth. TDOD further explored that reality, and going back through the parts I highlighted reminds me there were some powerful takeaways. I commented “wow” or “ME” or “explore more” a few handfuls of times. ⠀

Despite the delivery, I recommend to all women on content alone. ⠀

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

2 Comments on “Book Review: THE DANCE OF DECEPTION by Harriet Lerner

  1. Your novel is awesome. I love your use of word’s, very poetic. Very moving and inspiring story. You seem too young to be so wise of heart. Can’t wait for what’s next.

    • Kirk! Wow, thank you! Your sentiment means so much. I’m glad you felt moved and inspired. I hope the next story makes you feel the same. I appreciate you taking the time to share your impression. If it feels right, please also leave a quick review on Amazon (or BN or Goodreads…wherever you search for books). Reviews really help authors (especially new ones) get their stories into others’ hands. I’m grateful for you, Kirk. So nice to connect. Made my day. 🙂

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