Trust is built with sand and boulders…

I feel the most ME in a boldly-patterned dress, with wavy hair, sporting a giant grin, in a wide open space as the sun begins to set. Throw in some soulful music, dirt roads, and deep chats with a dear friend, and we’re really in business! (Dancing does it too.)⠀

Hence this joy!⠀

Being 4 months (and 1 day) away from the release of my debut novel…doing all the dreamy things to prep for said release…also plays a role. ⠀

If you’re new here, and even if you aren’t, I’m Cortny.  (No, that’s not another typo. Although, when I try to search for my author website on Google, I kinda wish it was.) And I’m a big fan of hand emojis. If you’ve ever interacted with me in person, that probably makes sense. I can think of about a dozen more the emoji database needs. ⠀

I didn’t enjoy reading until my twenties, when my Grama handed me COMANCHE MOON by Catherine Anderson (and blushed) and suggested I read it.  ⠀

I used to think I had something wrong with me, all these characters and stories constantly swirling in my head. Truly, I thought I was a freak and tried my best to lock it away. ☝🏻 That book changed everything, even if it took me a long time to own it. ⠀

A couple years ago, a month or two after my Grama passed away, I got talking with my former assistant principal about writing. The scene is SO CLEAR to me. He shared his desire to author a book. I, for the first time ever, shared my similar goal. We made light of it somewhat (maybe afraid to be seen or inspired or held accountable). And with that openness, I planted the seed of a giant promise to myself. ⠀

I’ve eroded self-trust in a great many ways during my almost-31 years. And making it HERE is one huge step in a new, fulfilling, aligned direction. As in relationship with others, trust is built with grains of sand AND giant boulders. Noticing each new addition is the real magic. ⠀

I’m not sure where I intended this post to go. Somehow it feels right though, so I’m leaving it alone.  ⠀

If you made it this far, tell me: what is a (big or small) promise to yourself you’ve fulfilled? A recent one for me? Responding to all (less than 10) texts and DMs. #introvert

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