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ALL MY ROADS release date and tagline…


Through it’s many (and there have been MANY over the past decade) variations, ALL MY ROADS has always been built on one central theme: the circumstances of our life (things we choose and things we don’t) are constantly shaping us for more beauty rather than diminishing our chances for it. And the way others interact with us isn’t a reflection of our worth…much as it can feel defeating sometimes. ⁣

I’m not a believer in some divine plan. I don’t think our entire life is mapped out before we’re born. I think we co-create our path as we go, and we’re constantly being directed and redirected to fullness. ⁣

Tragedy and trauma, sadness and anger, grief and doubt are a likely component of all our lives. And it’s easy (at least for me) to see those experiences as sealing our fate for strife…as rendering us less worthy of the love and connection we crave. ⁣

Damaged goods. ⁣
Broken beyond repair. ⁣
Overly complicated. ⁣
Too hurt to heal. ⁣

None of these are truth. None of us are ever outside the bounds of beauty and restoration. ⁣

Though, at first, Ken and Stacey interact with one another as if their history is too much, they come to discover how deeply they connect as a result of their past experiences. ⁣

Instead of walking further into darkness, they realize they’ve been divinely guided to each other…to heal and hold and grow and hope together…to experience a richness they both believed they’d missed for good. ⁣

ALL MY ROADS is a story of heartache and grief as well as expansion and joy. It’s about trust, connection, holding space, and not needing to be fixed to be loved. ⁣

I can’t wait for you to read it. ⁣

And now, I want you to tell me…WHAT’S NEXT?! Do you want the BOOK BLURB (the couple paragraphs on the back or inside cover detailing the plot) OR the COVER?⁣

COMMENT BELOW with your votes! The winning option will be revealed soon!

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